All prices are in USD, NOT CAD. Proudly made in Canada.

These prices are for personal non-commercial commissions. I retain all rights and copyright to my commissioned work and if it is used for profit without my consent, I will take legal action against you for compensation.

Price includes 1 full-body character & a basic/abstract background. Additional Characters = Price * # of characters


Waist-up 80% of full-body price

Portrait 50% of full-body price

✿ Prices ✿
Keep in mind that these are basic starting prices and may not be the final price of your specific character or project. Any shipping is not included in the price!

❥ Traditional
Sketches - 15$










Inked -17$







Flats - 22$







Highlighting - 26$











❥ Digital
Simple lined - 20$






Flats - 25$






Shaded and Highlighted - 30$








❥ Badges

Badges not ordered for pickup at conventions DO NOT come with clips.

Flats: 25$






Full Shading and Highlighting: 30$








❥ ATC/ACEO Cards
Sketch: 10$









Inked/Digital lined: 12$











Flats: 15$





Full Shade: 20$

Watercolor Paint: 15$



❥ Additional prices
Props, animals and other additions may be extra.
Backgrounds prices can vary depending on what kind of background you want

(simple color backgrounds don't count! )
NSFW/Mature pieces can go from being 1.5 the price to double the price depending on the picture details!
(this has to be discussed before full price for the piece is decided.)

Multiple/Large changes will be extra cost. Forgotten items will be fixed at no cost. If I made a mistake, please kindly let me know so I can fix it!


The Art Content

The following outlines what I am willing or not willing to draw. Please note that I hold the right to refuse commissions that include content that has not been listed below. Please be considerate when ordering a commission.


What I will draw

I prefer to draw the following subjects:

  • LGBTQIA+ characters

  • Media fandoms I am currently interested in

  • Unique animal species

  • My original characters

  • Anthros

  • Chibi

  • Animals

  • Hybrids

  • Soft Nudity

  • Any pairing (mm, ff, mf, etc)

  • OCs

What I won't draw

Because of Canadian laws, I will NEVER draw the following:

  • Any character (including non-human characters) that appears to be under the age of 18 nude or in a sexual situation.

I will not draw the following on personal principle:

  • Hate art (against any gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, an individual, etc.)

  • Art portraying self-harm or suicide

  • Anything involving scatophilia or "water sports"

  • Non-consensual sexual situations (rape, bestiality, etc.) also including dubcon.

  • Sexual situations involving ferals (as in, no physical part of them is anthropomorphic/they look like a normal animal)

  • Any situation I feel is misogynistic or transmisogynistic in nature

  • Copy someone else's character


If your commission request contains subject matter in the following 2 lists, I highly suggest you seek out another artist who is more aligned with your interests, as you will probably get better results. :)

I prefer not to draw, and WILL charge extra if asked to draw the following:

  • Extremely detailed mechanical objects, armour or costumes

  • Characters with complicated designs

  • Excessive gore

  • Some fetish material, but in particular:

    • Hard vore (soft is a-okay) and unbirthing

    • “Hyper” or unrealistic body proportions, particularly, large breasted women, obesity, hypermuscular, macros (SFW and NSFW), and micros (NSFW)

    • Foot or paw

    • Plushophilia

    • Humiliation/degradation

    • Explicit gore (mild gore and candy gore are manageable)

    • Body horror

    • Diapers

  • Any other material that I find I am uncomfortable drawing



I prefer not to draw, but will NOT charge extra if asked to draw the following:

  • Humans

  • Muscles

  • Micro (SFW)

  • Any other material that I find I am uncomfortable drawing

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