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Qara's Creations truly started way back in high school with some boredom and creative interest. Drawings on stray papers and the borders of tests grew into trying to duplicate what I saw, especially Anime/Manga at the time. I only really started putting more effort into it after high school. I started with doodling characters for role-play games with friends, and to keep busy in boring down-times in college. With my love of animals, my art eventually turned to them, and more traditional art styles. Art has mostly been a hobby for me, and I enjoy making works for others rather than for myself.


It further grew out of an interest of spreading joy in others. I love making works that you can share with your loves ones or surprise them with things such as : A beautiful couple's piece, or a memorial, maybe just something personal you want to see out.

I've gone by Qara for over 18 years now and Qara's Creations is solely owned and operated by me. 


I offer commissions for both traditional and digital works. Traditionally and digitally I offer sketches, flat colour and full shaded pieces, and recently started painting in acrylic and watercolor.  My works mostly focus on Anthropomorphic characters, and animals, though this is not limited. 


What you can expect working with me is work in progress photos, moderate changes (outside of any mistakes to be corrected, of course) and continuous open commissioner contact. 


"No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that has killed your dreams."

Maya Mendoza

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